Reminders for Band/Auxiliary Camp

Hi girls.  Just some reminders of what was discussed tonight.

1. Parent meetings by class: $50.00 band/aux fee due at this time. Make sure your parents bring their insurance card so a copy can be made. The following evenings from 5:30-8:30 are set aside for registration. SCMS stage in the cafeteria. If they can’t make the designated day they may come one of the other days. They MUST register you on one of these dates!!

Thurs. – 8-2-12 – Seniors

Fri. – 8-3-12 – Juniors

Mon. – 8-6-12 – Sophomores

Tues. – 8-7-12 – Freshmen

2. Program/Annual Pictures: Tuesday, 8-7-12, 5:30 PM. Casual photos will be made after the big band picture. There will NO practice after the pictures are finished. Seniors we may also make our senior photos in white shirts, denim and lettermans after the casuals.

3. Ask your moms if they want a T-shirt – $22.00. Find out what color (red, grey, black or white) they would like and what they would like on it.

4. Don’t forget Gatorade if you haven’t brought yours in yet.

5. Bring and wear your black dance sneakers for a little while each day. You need to break them in before Red Rage:-)

6. Tomorrow is Thursday. Don’t forget your boots for our 5:30-8:30 practice:-)

Love y’all! See ya Thursday at 1:00😝


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