Camp Time is Here!!!

Hi girls!

Just a few reminders about camp!

  1. Camp runs Tuesday (7/24) through Friday (7/27) 8:30-3:30 and is at SCHS in the Arena. Please enter through the Arena Front Door.
  2. Lunch will be 11:45 – 12:45 each day. If you plan to ride with an upperclassman to and from lunch everyday you must bring a note from your parents allowing you to do so.
  3. Please bring $60 CASH for your camp fee on Tuesday!
  4. Make sure to bring water and snacks each day!
  5. You will receive your new poms on Tuesday, but please bring a pair of practice poms – color doesn’t matter. You don’t want to mess up your new poms before we get to put them on the field!
  6. Remember your colors for each day – Tuesday: Yellow on Grey, Wednesday: Lime Green on Black, Thursday: Purple on Grey, Friday: Black on Red. Remember, NO just sports bras, they don’t count as a top!!
  7. The following people have met their workout requirements for the summer: Emilee Deal, Miranda Colwell, Katie Sapp, Rebekah Smith, Taylor Smith, Tessa Akin, Bristol Carter,and Natalie Simmons. The rest of you need to bring me your record of other workouts.
  8. There will be a Parent/Family/Friends/etc. show on Friday – Don’t know an exact time yet, be on the lookout for that.
  9. Tuesday you will receive the rest of the items that have come in so far!
  10. Make sure to prepare yourself for the week to come – drink lots and lots of WATER, get plenty of sleep, and make sure to practice the kickline before Tuesday – we want to impress Mrs. Mattingly!! The music is “The Beautiful People” from the movie Burlesque if you would like to practice with music.

Make sure to check the website again before camp on Tuesday just in case I have forgotten anything in this post. See you all Tuesday!

Love ya!

Mama Cash 🙂


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