It’s summertime…time to WORKOUT!!!!!

THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE – (6/11 – 6/14)

  • MONDAY (6/11) & WEDNESDAY (6/13) – 6:45-8:00 PM @ SCHS
  • TUESDAY (6/12) – 6:45-8:00 PM @ FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH
  • THURSDAY (6/14) – 6:45-8:00 AM @ FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH

Can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow night at 6:45 pm at SCHS – please enter the building from the side entrance (follow the road around to the end of the arena and you will see my car at the doors). You will need a beach towel, water, weights and/or bands – if you don’t have weights or bands YET, come anyway – you’ll still get a good workout! Old girls – if possible, please bring your warmup jacket for the new girls to try on for sizing. I will measure tomorrow and Tuesday night for warmup pants for all girls who need them. If you owe money for your V-neck corps shirts to the embroidery shop please bring that tomorrow night so we can send in the order. Also, if you have not paid your first deposit, I need that by the end of this week! Please make sure that you drink plenty of water tonight and tomorrow during the day to hydrate your body for workouts – REMEMBER, what you drink today you use tomorrow. I will have your workout check sheets tomorrow night. Remember, I do this because I love you, and you will love your body more by the end of summer!!!

Love ya & see you tomorrow night!

Mama Cash 🙂


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