Congratulations 2012-2013 SCHS Auxiliary Corps. Members!!


  1. Emilee Deal
  2. Katie Jones
  3. Alex Mote
  4. Lea Presley
  1. Tessa Akin
  2. Morgan Akridge
  3. Chandler Alligood
  4. Gabrielle Beck
  5. Amy Benfield
  6. Shelby Burke
  7. Cassidy Carr
  8. Bristol Carter
  9. Sydney Caudell
  10. Miranda Colwell
  11. Sydney Fulbright
  12. Alyssa Griffin
  13. Kailin Huelsman
  14. Katherine Hunt
  15. Marissa Ivester
  16. Alex McEntire
  17. Katie Sapp
  18. Natalie Simmons
  19. Rebekah Smith
  20. Taylor Smith
  21. Alexis Spratlin
  22. Jillian Spratlin
  23. Samantha Spratlin
  24. Molly St. Clair
  25. Leah Stephens
  26. Allie Struble
  27. Sarah Whitworth
  1. Jordan Adams
  2. Elli Fricks
  3. Hannah Gailer
  4. Ashley Hunter
  5. Dasia Merritt
  6. Areil Rivers
  7. Larissa Ruhlen
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will be in touch with you about our first team meeting – there will be a meeting before school is out. Money for uniforms will be due at this time – Flagettes and Silks will be getting new game uniforms. We will be wearing the same Pre-game uniform as last year. Please continue to check this website daily/weekly – this will be a way for me to get information to you and your parents! Thanks for all your hard work! Look forward to working with you starting this summer! Can’t wait for the great season ahead of us! Congratulations once again and GO INDIANS!!!!!


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